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About Us

Welcome to Eagle Cap Innovative High School. 
Eagle Cap is an innovative learning environment that successfully blends both face-to-face learning experiences with asynchronous online learning platforms. Eagle Cap is a 9-12 learning environment, primarily located on the North Baker School campus, however many of our students attend college courses at Blue Mountain Community College or work from home after demonstrating successful progress on campus. We design our learning environment around the student's needs, creating individual learning plans, learning environments, and coursework that will challenge our students and prepare them for College or Career Readiness. 
Students that prefer to accelerate their learning may choose to enroll in college courses that earn both college and high school credit concurrently. These courses are paid for by Eagle Cap and provide a tuition-free learning environment for motivated students. Students that choose Eagle Cap, can earn both a high school diploma at the same time earning an Associate of Arts degree. Be sure to read about students such as Kate Jesenko who successfully balanced college coursework while earning her high school diploma in three years.   
Students that prefer to finish high school early are able to work at their own pace, with coursework focusing on competency in place of the traditional seat-time requirements. Students that are motivated are able to finish their high school career in three years or less. Read how Kenzie Sherman, Eagle Cap sophomore, found the learning environment well suited to her turnaround story. 
Students attending Eagle Cap Innovative High School choose us for the low pressure, high success environment. Students that attend the learning lab comment on how the absence of school drama, noise, peer issues has positively impacted their school achievement. 
Students at Eagle Cap Innovative High School may still participate in athletics and activities at Baker High School. Also, some students that attend Eagle Cap also take face-to-face high-interest courses from BHS such as welding, arts, music to leverage the best that Baker School District 5J has to offer. Enrollment at Eagle Cap is highly competitive, and students that wish to apply may submit an application online and participate in a one-on-one interview with school officials. If you have more questions, please call, email or come by to visit with us at your earliest convenience.
Tracie Smith - Program Facilitator